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Is Pork Healthy? The Tips To Add Pork To Your Menu With Benefits Only

Speaking of nutritional values of pork vs. other types of meat, it is important to dwell on the classic distinction between red and white meats. Everyone knows that the bovine belongs to the first category, while turkey to the second, but it is more complicated to categorize pork. It is thought that it is always […] Continue reading

Presence Of Blood In The Sperm: Causes And Therapies Of Hematospermia

Hematospermia (also called emospermia) is a pseudo-pathological condition characterized by the presence of blood in the sperm, which occurred during or immediately after ejaculation, often painful. Most affected patients describe the problem complaining of blotches or streaks of bright red blood inside the seminal fluid; some subjects affirm that the spots also appear with a […] Continue reading

Prostate Health And Gastrointestinal Tract Problems: A Direct Link Established

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are chronic inflammatory bowel disorders (acronym IBD, from Inflammatory bowel disease) that seem to predispose to a greater risk of developing colon cancer – but also hematologic malignancies and lung cancers, bladder skin and liver). However, few studies have investigated the relationship between chronic intestinal diseases and prostate cancer, with […] Continue reading

Symptoms Of Endometriosis, Its Complications And Useful Info

In 20-25% of clinical cases, endometriosis is a disease that is asymptomatic (ie it does not produce symptoms); on such occasions, its diagnosis is accidental and occurs during surgical operations performed for other purposes, such as to remedy a form of sterility (25-60% of cases). Continue reading

Sexuophobia: Symptoms, Causes And Therapies

Phobias affect all areas of life, even the most pleasant spheres. This is the case with sex phobia, but where does it come from? Sexophobia is categorized as a psychic disorder characterized by aversion towards the sexual sphere. It is not just a question of refusing to have relationships, but of shunning many aspects of […] Continue reading

Occasional Relationships And Solitude: How Do Singles See It?

The question of how single men and women view casual sexual relations and how those latter impact singles has been gaining topicality in the day and age where solitude is considered an epidemics. A Eurispes survey provides a somewhat controversial cross-section of Italian youth. 44% of newlyweds betray, almost half of young people are attracted […] Continue reading

good morning doctor i am 64 years old and have normal sex 1 or 2 times a week. now and for a certain period of time 3 or 4 times a...
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I was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Is it a lifetime diagnosis or is full recovery possible?...
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Is there an effective product available without a prescription that includes a remedy for erectile dysfunction and premature ejacu...
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Having established that there are no effective methods of those circulating on the net (apart from cosmetic surgery or hyaluronic ...
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Hello! My problem is this: it always takes me a long time to achieve erection, even with sufficient sexual stimulation. What can I...
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Hello! I have always though that you needed prescription to buy Viagra, but recently there’s talk of Viagra Connect and how one ...
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Doctor good evening, I am a 24 year old guy, I have been living with a girl for 7 years, for some years things have not been going...
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I know that Viagra is now sold OTC in Europe, how about Cialis OTC? I would be first in line to buy Cialis over the counter, have ...
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After several years of using the drug vardenafil with excellent results and few side effects, I went on a diet losing 25 kilos and...
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