Ask a doctor

Perhaps each of us had a moment when he was sorry that he is not a doctor. Very often we have questions but cannot find the answers to them. Now you have the possibility to put your question to a medical professional and get the fullest answer to the things bothering you. There are no prohibited topics, you can ask a doctor absolutely anything.

Emotional and mental health

Daily challenges and responsibilities may seriously affect the emotional and mental condition of any person. Our task is to find the reason for our problem and ways of its effective solution. Modern medicine offers different methods of dealing with the problems “living in our head”: starting with medicinal treatment and ending with psychotherapy, yoga, and breathing techniques. Everyone can find the thing he is willing to try. Not the methods are important but the results.

Medical devices and diagnostics

A rapid development of the sphere of medical devices gives new possibilities both to the doctors and patients. The areas of applying these novelties are very broad: from operating rooms to sterilization and maintenance of the patients' wards. Here you’ll find a detailed information on the latest developments and achievements in the sphere of medical devices and machines. Medical robotics, new researches in the non-traditional treatment of new and long-ago known diseases. Besides, you’ll learn about the newest methods of diagnostics of serious ailments that may save thousands of lives.

Men’s diseases

There are different topics that men may be interested in. Men’s health is one of them. Sexual dysfunction, prostate troubles, hair loss and lots of other useful information is waiting for you in the rubric Men’s diseases. Here you’ll read about everything you couldn’t ask your doctor because of awkwardness or shyness. The answers to all aspects of men’s health are collected in one place to help you know the causes, symptoms, and ways of treatment of all possible male health issues.

Sexual Health

Intimate life is an integral part life of any adult person. Having problems with sexual health or in the interpersonal relations with your partner, you may lose interest in sex and gradually lose your relations. To avoid it, you have to know how to sustain your intimate health and stay interesting to your partner no matter how long you’ve been together. Dealing with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men, inability to reach orgasm in women and lots of other useful and helpful information you’ll find in the rubric Sexual Health.

Women’s health and beauty

A female body is a temple that needs to be taken care of. Both beauty and health play an important role in the life of every woman. However, because of some structural and hormonal peculiarities of the female body, women may suffer from numerous diseases that cannot be diagnosed in men. A timely diagnostic is vital in such cases. The only but is that a woman should know how to determine that something is wrong with her body. Here you’ll find out about the causes, symptoms, and methods of treatment of the most frequently diagnosed female problems and learn the most interesting secrets of beauty.

Female sexual dysfunctions, diagnosis and treatment

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is an issue that can happen during any part of the sexual activity in females, it prevents the person from having a pleasurable experience. The recent data shows that sexual dysfunction, in general, is shockingly widespread (54% of females and 29% of males reported at least some degree), but only a small number of people are willing to open up about any of this. In this article, we are going to quickly educate you on the subject of FSD, its various types, how it’s diagnosed and treated. By spreading the info and raising awareness, we’re hoping to empower women who suffer from it.

FSD is normally split into 4 types:

  • Pain disorders – characterized by painful sensations during the intercourse;
  • Orgasm disorders – characterized by the inability to climax;
  • Arousal disorders – characterized by the lack of sexual arousal and/or excitement during sexual activity;
  • Desire disorders – characterized by the lack of interest in sex.

There are various ways of diagnosing sexual issues in women, your MD might start by evaluating your reproductive organs to detect any oddities/injuries/changes. The doctor may also conduct various other tests to rule out diseases that might’ve caused the dysfunction. One more possibility is the evaluation of your opinions regarding sex. The doctor might ask you about stress factors, fear, abuse, relationship issues, along with your alcohol intake and many other things.

After that, your MD should be able to come up with a treatment that will be able to tackle the underlying issue(s). Most common treatment can be split into 2 different categories:

  • Non-medical treatments include:
    Counseling, lifestyle changes, using a lubricant, using a device that stimulates the clitoris.
  • Medical treatments include:
    Estrogen treatment, Lady Viagra, Osphena, androgen therapy, Addyi.

Please remember that female sexual dysfunctions of any kind are entirely treatable in most of the cases. You should not hesitate to seek treatment if needed.