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What Is Priapism And How To Treat It

Priapism is a painful and abnormally long erection (lasting more than 3 hours), during a sexual activity or outside of any sexual desire and not leading to ejaculation. Priapism is an urological emergency. There is not an age group to which to associate the most frequent cases of priapism: it is usually evident between the […] Continue reading

How To Improve Erectile Dysfunction Naturally?

Erectile Dysfunction: Exercises rather than Viagra! Known for preventing urinary incontinence in both women and men, Kegel exercises would provide an effective – and above all, sustainable! – alternative to Viagra and other pills of the kind, to treat erectile dysfunction. Continue reading

How To Get Skinny With Minimal Efforts: The Science-Backed Tips

Losing weight, especially quickly, has never been easy. Discover some simple tricks to do it in a correct and healthy way. How many of us have needed to lose weight before an important event or a beach season and fell prey to fad diets that come loaded with side effects and fleeting benefits? Continue reading

Masturbation Side Effects (And Benefits!)

Sexuality has long been considered a taboo subject, and unfortunately nowadays it is sometimes still the case. Although it seems logical to believe that the knowledge accumulated in recent times can easily overturn the theories behind these deceptive beliefs, there is still a certain resistance to breaking down those walls that we know have no […] Continue reading

The Relationship Between Antidepressants And Sexuality

Anxiety is an increasingly common disorder that is not always managed only with the help of natural remedies. The use of antidepressants is indeed on the rise, but perhaps not everyone knows that their intake can adversely affect sex life. Continue reading

Diseases That Statistically Present More Danger To Men Than Women

The risks of incurring diseases are different according to sex, women have greater risks in some things than men in others. Several studies have been carried out in this regard, and researchers have isolated some molecular components underlying the different response of male and female cells to stress. Continue reading

My penis measures up to slightly under 4 inches when fully erect, and due to some highly individual angulation problems many sex p...
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