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A New Test Allows Distinguishing Between Benign And Malignant Prostate Neoplasms

A new test based on a simple blood test, devised in the laboratories of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, could be able to diagnose prostate cancer without biopsy. The method was developed thanks to the collaboration between the Irccs Neuroimmunology Unit of the Santa Lucia Foundation and the Department of Urological Sciences of the Policlinico […] Continue reading

Pros and cons of using aphrodisiacs for erection enhancement

For thousands of years, some foods and herbs have been used to improve male sexual performance and to raise the libido. Nothing has changed: people still believe in the power of aphrodisiacs. However, there is very little scientific evidence concerning the positive effects of these plants. Continue reading

How to live through the midlife crisis without consequences?

how to keep control over the emotions

Reaching a certain age (usually 45-60) you start thinking about the young guy who had thousands of plans for his future. He wanted to travel and see the world, build up his own successful business, and buy a red Ford Mustang. Continue reading

Vitamin D deficiency as a cause of male sterility

Being unable to conceive, the couples start looking for the problem. For about a quarter of them, the reason hides in male’s health. Stresses, unhealthy nutrition, low physical activity, and bad habits are named as the major reasons for such a statistic. Continue reading

6 Most Common Male Diseases

Because of the differences in the way of life, stress levels, and the ability to cope with it, men are more predisposed to certain health issues than women. Here is a list of the most often diagnosed illnesses in men for you to be aware of. Continue reading

What does cortisol blood test show?

In case you have some worrying symptoms (weight gain concentrating around your face, acne, thin skin, and easy bruising), a blood testing is the only reliable method of finding out the core of the problem. By performing a cortisol blood test, your healthcare provider will be able to detect a number of serious health problems Continue reading

Can prostatitis lead to a decrease in sexual desire? Can alpha blockers make sex drive lower and lead to impotence?...
AnsweredROBERT asked 4 days ago • 
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My boyfriend has a problem, I suspect he has erectile dysfunction and it is difficult for him to get it up at times. I have asked ...
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I’m 32, and I’m shy of the way my face looks. It’s terrible! My face, neck and partially shoulders are covered with pimples ...
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It’s been months since I had a good night rest. About twice or even three times a week, I wake up in cold sweat and with a racin...
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For a week now, I have had a dull pain in the testicles, no dangerous pain, but enough to get me concerned. A pulling pain that be...
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After giving birth to my second child, I weighed 136 lbs. Of course, it wasn’t the weight of my dream, but I couldn’t get slim...
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For a month already, I have been noticing that my hair gets thinner. I thought it was just my impression but my family members and...
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I am 43 years old and I am back into the dating pool after almost 15 years of living with my girlfriend. Sexually, I have always m...
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I was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Is it a lifetime diagnosis or is full recovery possible?...
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We have been married for 8 years already and it was all fine until now. It’s not that my wife has lost her beauty or forms, but ...
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