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Diagnosis Of Erectile Dysfunction: What Tests To Do?

The first step for a correct diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is to exclude both metabolic and cardiovascular systemic disorders. It will therefore be obligatory to request, especially for the patient of intermediate age, a cardiological examination with exercise tests and to have routine blood tests performed. From a more strictly specialized point of view, the […] Continue reading

Low Libido In Men: Psychological And Physiological Reasons Behind It

Contrary to a popular belief, the lack of sexual desire is not only the preserve of women or even the consequence of age. This is shown in the study by Professor Leonard Derogatis (Johns Hopkins University, USA) that was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The study showed that 20% of men sometimes felt […] Continue reading

Average Testicle Size, What Is It And How Does It Matter?

Today we will talk about what the normal size of the testicles should be and how to evaluate it through some simple tests that also include a pleasant testicle massage. These tests can be done comfortably on your own. What does the testicles dimension depend on? Is it possible to increase the size, weight or […] Continue reading

How To Lower Bilirubin: A Practitioner’s Guide To Healthier Counts

Jaundice caused by bilirubin means a change in the color of the skin, eyes and mucous membranes, which tend to take on a yellowish appearance; this phenomenon is due to the increase in bilirubin in the blood. Diet Jaundice may occur in neonatal or adult age; in the first case it is a physiological and […] Continue reading

Mango Calories: Make Them Work For Your Weight Loss!

Mango has a sweet, enveloping taste, similar to that of peach but with even more characteristic acidulous and exotic note. Why add it regularly to your diet? Perhaps because it is the perfect fruit to lose weight? Let’s find out together. Continue reading

What Is Priapism And How To Treat It

Priapism is a painful and abnormally long erection (lasting more than 3 hours), during a sexual activity or outside of any sexual desire and not leading to ejaculation. Priapism is an urological emergency. There is not an age group to which to associate the most frequent cases of priapism: it is usually evident between the […] Continue reading

Hello, I wanted to point out my situation to understand immediately if it is actually erectile dysfunction or if I simply let myse...
OpenLionel asked 21 hours ago • 
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Hello, I will try to be brief. I am 22 years old and for almost a month, I have been suffering from what I believe is erectile dys...
AnsweredRodrick asked 3 days ago • 
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Hi, I'm a young man of 34 years. For a few days I realize I have a probable acid sweating. I realize that sweat on my armpits smel...
AnsweredRuppert asked 1 week ago • 
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Hi, my question may seem trivial or rhetorical, but in any case still fashionable among the young and not so young as me... I am a...
AnsweredBenedict asked 1 week ago • 
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Hello everyone,I'm noticing a problem in my testicles, I've been observing it for a while now; my testicles are permanently lowe...
AnsweredErnest asked 1 week ago • 
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Hi thank you in advance for the consultation. I have just purchased Yasmin to delay my menstrual cycle by 3 days because I am on v...
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Hello everyone,After having had an unprotected sexual relationship with my usual partner, I realized that just under the crown o...
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Dear Doctors,For some time I have known that I do not have morning erections or that I have rare and rather weak erections. But ...
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Good morning,I am a 29 year old male suffering from obesity. I have often had small smelly secretions and small blood spills acc...
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My penis measures up to slightly under 4 inches when fully erect, and due to some highly individual angulation problems many sex p...
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