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About Us

You are never alone in your disease with Gulick’s

We know that support is a part of success when it goes about health issues. Gulick’s is a pharmacy company, which cherishes and thinks about its customers all the time and not only when they visit the Gulick’s drugstore.

This is the main reason why we created a website, which aim is to create a patients’ community and don’t let sick people stay alone face to face with a disease. Here, every patient can find information about his health problem and share his concerns and questions with the other members of the community.

Gulick’s is a place where you can ask for advice and get qualified answers from the specialists and ordinary people who share the same problem. Their experience will be useful for making decisions as to your health condition.

On Gulick’s, you can find everything you may need to know about the drugs, signs and symptoms of different diseases, and of course their treatment. Every people get help using Gulick’s community.

What do you get using Gulick’s?

The benefits of being a part of the Gulick’s community are numerous. First of all, you get free access to healthcare information at any time of the day or night. Secondly, you are free to ask as many questions on health as you need. Yet, what’ more important, you are sure to get a comprehensive answer to the issues you are interested in.

In addition, you can find some useful advice given by the patients who have already coped with the disease you are now struggling. Thus, you will make fewer mistakes and get better faster. However, the most important thing you get joining Gulick’s is support and entertainment when you feel lonely or tired of the disease or when you just need a word of support.

Gulick’s can offer you:

  • Possibility to ask questions;
  • Joining groups of support;
  • Finding support of helpful members;
  • Reading articles on health;
  • Becoming a part of Gulick’s community for free.

Possibility to ask questions

You should ask questions whenever you have any. Type the text of the question, and push the “Ask” button. Be sure that thousands of our community participants will see it, and those who know for sure how to help you will give the answers to your question. These people may be not professional doctors, but they may have their own experience in the topic.

Any time someone answers your question, you’ll be notified. You, as well as other members of the community, can vote for the best reply. Yet if you don’t want or can’t wait for the answer, surf through the Gulick’s list of recently asked questions.

Joining groups of support

People having certain diseases join in groups of support to be able to help each other on their way to healing. Surfing through them, you can find some expert advice on treatment and management of the illness on the whole.

Finding support of helpful members

No one can understand your problem better than a person with a similar issue. Gulick’s community joins together thousands of users so surfing through their profiles, you can find those who are worth communicating with. These people may have the same health condition as you do, and give some useful hints on how to deal with it.

Communication via Live Chat

You can write to any member of the community who is online. Find people share your interests and start chatting right away. You are free to use Personal Inbox for getting private messages. No other member of Gulick’s online community will have access to your Personal Inbox letters.

Reading articles on health

It’s always good to get the information from a reliable source. Articles on health are one of them. You can find articles on all types of health conditions by typing in a symptom or name of the disease or state. Thanks to Gulick’s Health Search Engine, you’ll find the most relevant articles on the topic.

For your convenience and time saving, Gulick’s search tool is equipped with a spell checker and autocomplete function. Besides, you can filter the articles depending on the ranking given by other members of the community. Hence, no need to waste your time on things that won’t be helpful.

Gulick’s will also offer you a list of related terms, which were asked by other members. The reliability of the articles was confirmed by healthcare organizations which are listed on the site.

Becoming a part of Gulick’s community for free

Only a couple of clicks and several seconds separate you from becoming a full member of Gulick’s community. Improve your healthcare related knowledge, communicate with the likeminded members, learn about the drugs and the methods of treatment of almost any health condition. Stay closer to people who can be a helping hand and a strong shoulder whenever you need it. Join Gulick’s community for free right now. Don’t hesitate to make your life healthier.