Category: Anti-Viral

The goal of antiviral therapy is to interfere in the biological viral processes that are absent in the host cell (which for this reason is not damaged). The antiviral drugs currently marketed are able to counteract the viruses, but often they cannot completely eradicate the infection. The viral agents currently on the market can be classified into various groups, depending on their mechanism of action. Below, these groups will be briefly listed that you can find at our pharmacy: inhibitors of the early stages of viral replication; neuraminidase inhibitors; agents that interfere with the replication of viral nucleic acid and antiretroviral agents.


Zovirax (acyclovir, or aciclovir) is an oral drug used in treatment of viral infections with Herpes simplex and varicella zoster. The drug is also available in form of 5% cream (ointment) for topical application). Continue reading


treatment of skin infections

It is a drug that can kill the viruses responsible for some infections called “herpes” generically. It does not cure the infection definitively but reduces the time needed for the body to control it and shortens the time for healing of the lesions. The drug does not prevent the transmission of the virus to other people and does not serve against other common viral diseases such as the flu or the cold: it is active only in “herpes virus” infections. Continue reading