• Herbal Products

    Natural erection pills are available in the form of food supplements and are prepared with vitamins, minerals and herbs with the aim of promoting improved sexual performance. The most advanced studies on the individual ingredients come from researchers of the American institute Mayo Clinic. They verified that certain herbs can produce meaningful ... Read posts

  • Menopause

    It would be wrong to talk about drugs for treating menopause, since it is certainly not a disease that is being discussed. Menopause, rather, is a phase of life, not easy to overcome with simplicity for all women. The drugs that we will address in this disquisition, therefore, are not indicated to cure menopause, but to lighten the symptoms that accomp ... Read posts

  • Healthy Weight

    Weight loss is no longer a mystery – by following advice of world’s leading dieticians that dish out their secrets, both tested by time and acutely innovative, you will enjoy every step on your way to a trimmer self. Whatever your goal in slimming is, be it healthier lifestyle or getting your beach body ready for the next season, you will find ... Read posts

  • Medical devices and diagnostics

    A rapid development of the sphere of medical devices gives new possibilities both to the doctors and patients. The areas of applying these novelties are very broad: from operating rooms to sterilization and maintenance of the patients' wards. Here you’ll find a detailed information on the latest developments and achievements in the sphere of me ... Read posts

  • Emotional and mental health

    Daily challenges and responsibilities may seriously affect the emotional and mental condition of any person. Our task is to find the reason for our problem and ways of its effective solution. Modern medicine offers different methods of dealing with the problems “living in our head”: starting with medicinal treatment and ending with psychotherap ... Read posts

  • Women’s health and beauty

    A female body is a temple that needs to be taken care of. Both beauty and health play an important role in the life of every woman. However, because of some structural and hormonal peculiarities of the female body, women may suffer from numerous diseases that cannot be diagnosed in men. A timely diagnostic is vital in such cases. The only but is th ... Read posts

  • Sexual Health

    Intimate life is an integral part life of any adult person. Having problems with sexual health or in the interpersonal relations with your partner, you may lose interest in sex and gradually lose your relations. To avoid it, you have to know how to sustain your intimate health and stay interesting to your partner no matter how long you’ve been to ... Read posts

  • Ask a doctor

    Perhaps each of us had a moment when he was sorry that he is not a doctor. Very often we have questions but cannot find the answers to them. Now you have the possibility to put your question to a medical professional and get the fullest answer to the things bothering you. There are no prohibited topics, you can ask a doctor absolutely anything. ... Read posts

  • Erectile Function

    Erectile function of the penis is a complicated mechanism that few think about and everyone takes for granted – up until the time when it fails for some reason. A few decades back, erectile dysfunction was not manageable; fast forward to today, men have a full arsenal of oral drugs and other solutions that provide them if not with complete cu ... Read posts

  • Men’s diseases

    There are different topics that men may be interested in. Men’s health is one of them. Sexual dysfunction, prostate troubles, hair loss and lots of other useful information is waiting for you in the rubric Men’s diseases. Here you’ll read about everything you couldn’t ask your doctor because of awkwardness or shyness. The answers to all aspe ... Read posts

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