Category: Medical devices and diagnostics

A rapid development of the sphere of medical devices gives new possibilities both to the doctors and patients. The areas of applying these novelties are very broad: from operating rooms to sterilization and maintenance of the patients’ wards. Here you’ll find a detailed information on the latest developments and achievements in the sphere of medical devices and machines. Medical robotics, new researches in the non-traditional treatment of new and long-ago known diseases. Besides, you’ll learn about the newest methods of diagnostics of serious ailments that may save thousands of lives.

Diagnosis Of Erectile Dysfunction: What Tests To Do?

The first step for a correct diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is to exclude both metabolic and cardiovascular systemic disorders. It will therefore be obligatory to request, especially for the patient of intermediate age, a cardiological examination with exercise tests and to have routine blood tests performed. From a more strictly specialized point of view, the […] Continue reading

A New Test Allows Distinguishing Between Benign And Malignant Prostate Neoplasms

A new test based on a simple blood test, devised in the laboratories of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, could be able to diagnose prostate cancer without biopsy. The method was developed thanks to the collaboration between the Irccs Neuroimmunology Unit of the Santa Lucia Foundation and the Department of Urological Sciences of the Policlinico […] Continue reading

What does cortisol blood test show?

In case you have some worrying symptoms (weight gain concentrating around your face, acne, thin skin, and easy bruising), a blood testing is the only reliable method of finding out the core of the problem. By performing a cortisol blood test, your healthcare provider will be able to detect a number of serious health problems Continue reading

A blood test to help diagnose depression

A number of successful experiments claim that an ordinary blood test can be the ground for diagnosing depression. How is it possible: depression is not a physical but first of all a mental problem? The scientists believe that the levels of a special amino acid called acetyl-L-carnitine can show whether a person is depressed and […] Continue reading