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Category: Medical devices and diagnostics

A rapid development of the sphere of medical devices gives new possibilities both to the doctors and patients. The areas of applying these novelties are very broad: from operating rooms to sterilization and maintenance of the patients’ wards. Here you’ll find a detailed information on the latest developments and achievements in the sphere of medical devices and machines. Medical robotics, new researches in the non-traditional treatment of new and long-ago known diseases. Besides, you’ll learn about the newest methods of diagnostics of serious ailments that may save thousands of lives.

A blood test to help diagnose depression

A number of successful experiments claim that an ordinary blood test can be the ground for diagnosing depression. How is it possible: depression is not a physical but first of all a mental problem? The scientists believe that the levels of a special amino acid called acetyl-L-carnitine can show whether a person is depressed and how severe the disease is. Continue reading “A blood test to help diagnose depression”

Medical Robotics – the Application of Robots in Medicine

The future has already come to healthcare and it goes on developing. A robot in the operation-room is already not surprising in many hospitals. The use of these extremely accurate machines makes it possible to minimize the risks for a doctor to make a mistake and for a patient to come through the operation with complications. Continue reading “Medical Robotics – the Application of Robots in Medicine”