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It would be wrong to talk about drugs for treating menopause, since it is certainly not a disease that is being discussed. Menopause, rather, is a phase of life, not easy to overcome with simplicity for all women. The drugs that we will address in this disquisition, therefore, are not indicated to cure menopause, but to lighten the symptoms that accompany this difficult period. Among the best therapeutic options, it appears that HRT is particularly effective. Osteoporosis is also a common condition for menopausal women. Vaginal dryness can be lightened by applying a cream with an emollient, nourishing and lubricating action, to be used also during intercourse.

Advice And Taboos To Dispel For A Satisfying Sex Life After Menopause

It is true that in menopause libido can have a decrease. But sexual response largely depends on stimuli that come from the brain and hormones are just one of several factors that contribute to a woman’s normal sexual function. The decrease in desire in women and men at all ages is not due to a […] Continue reading

Dry Skin In Menopause? This Is What Can Be Done To Avoid It

Menopause is a phase of life in which many changes occur, and those changes can lead to a series of disorders and annoyances that must be dealt with. Even the skin suffers, more than you can imagine. We are not just talking about wrinkles and aging, but about lack of hydration. In fact, dry menopausal […] Continue reading

Most Common Symptom Of Menopause And Its Management

The fertile period of the woman begins with puberty and ends with menopause, that is with the interruption of menstruation, which usually occurs between 48 and 55 years. However, the disappearance of the cycle is not sudden, in fact it is preceded by a long transitional phase called climacteric, with a variable duration of 5-10 […] Continue reading