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There are different topics that men may be interested in. Men’s health is one of them. Sexual dysfunction, prostate troubles, hair loss and lots of other useful information is waiting for you in the rubric Men’s diseases. Here you’ll read about everything you couldn’t ask your doctor because of awkwardness or shyness. The answers to all aspects of men’s health are collected in one place to help you know the causes, symptoms, and ways of treatment of all possible male health issues.

Presence Of Blood In The Sperm: Causes And Therapies Of Hematospermia

Hematospermia (also called emospermia) is a pseudo-pathological condition characterized by the presence of blood in the sperm, which occurred during or immediately after ejaculation, often painful. Most affected patients describe the problem complaining of blotches or streaks of bright red blood inside the seminal fluid; some subjects affirm that the spots also appear with a […] Continue reading

Prostate Health And Gastrointestinal Tract Problems: A Direct Link Established

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are chronic inflammatory bowel disorders (acronym IBD, from Inflammatory bowel disease) that seem to predispose to a greater risk of developing colon cancer – but also hematologic malignancies and lung cancers, bladder skin and liver). However, few studies have investigated the relationship between chronic intestinal diseases and prostate cancer, with […] Continue reading

Average Testicle Size, What Is It And How Does It Matter?

Today we will talk about what the normal size of the testicles should be and how to evaluate it through some simple tests that also include a pleasant testicle massage. These tests can be done comfortably on your own. What does the testicles dimension depend on? Is it possible to increase the size, weight or […] Continue reading

What Is Priapism And How To Treat It

Priapism is a painful and abnormally long erection (lasting more than 3 hours), during a sexual activity or outside of any sexual desire and not leading to ejaculation. Priapism is an urological emergency. There is not an age group to which to associate the most frequent cases of priapism: it is usually evident between the […] Continue reading

Diseases That Statistically Present More Danger To Men Than Women

The risks of incurring diseases are different according to sex, women have greater risks in some things than men in others. Several studies have been carried out in this regard, and researchers have isolated some molecular components underlying the different response of male and female cells to stress. Continue reading

6 Most Common Male Diseases

Because of the differences in the way of life, stress levels, and the ability to cope with it, men are more predisposed to certain health issues than women. Here is a list of the most often diagnosed illnesses in men for you to be aware of. Continue reading

Why do you Feel Pain during Urination

Perhaps every adult man knows that if he feels pain, burning or cutting when passing the urine, then there is something wrong with his health. But what is it? Let’s find out about the most often causes of unpleasant sensations during urination. Continue reading