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Category: Women’s health and beauty

A female body is a temple that needs to be taken care of. Both beauty and health play an important role in the life of every woman. However, because of some structural and hormonal peculiarities of the female body, women may suffer from numerous diseases that cannot be diagnosed in men. A timely diagnostic is vital in such cases. The only but is that a woman should know how to determine that something is wrong with her body. Here you’ll find out about the causes, symptoms, and methods of treatment of the most frequently diagnosed female problems and learn the most interesting secrets of beauty.

The reasons and signs of estrogen excess

Hormonal imbalance can negatively affect women at almost any age. Excess of oestrogen, which is a key female hormone may first show through a slight discomfort. Yet gradually it may lead to quite serious health issues. That’s why maintaining proper amounts of this hormone in the blood is extremely important. Continue reading

Home Remedies for Curing Acne

More than three-fourths of the world’s population has faced with acne either in the puberty or in the adult life. This skin problem causes much discomfort and makes people less confident about their appearance. The desire to have a clean and healthy skin doesn’t always correspond with our financial possibilities. Continue reading