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Category: Birth Control

Contraceptive pills, or birth control, is a pharmacological product with oral administration, used by many women who wish to prevent conception. Currently, there are two types of birth control pills: the combined pill and mini-pill. Both of the above types are of hormonal content, but, while the combined pill contains a synthetic version of both estrogen and progesterone, the mini-pill contains only a synthetic version of progesterone. You can find drugs of both types at our e-store; no matter which one you choose, the quality meets industry’s highest standards while the price fits into any budget.


Basic Drug Info Manufacturer: Bayer Active Substance: Drospirenone and ethinylestradiol. Drug Form: Film-coated tablets Available Doses: 0,03mg / 3mg What is Yasmin? Mechanism of action Uses and dosage Yasmin directions Yasmin vs Ocella Yasmin vs Marvelon Yasmin vs Lucette Yasmin vs Alesse Yasmin vs Levlen Yasmin vs Dianette Side effects Precautions Contraindications What is Yasmin? […] Continue reading