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You should have access to safe care, no matter where you live. With digital care, we also relieve the traditional care, and save time and money for both patient and society. You describe your problems by answering questions about your symptoms and in some cases sending in pictures that you take with your mobile.

Patients with complaints that are suitable for digital care choose our service to get quick access to doctors around the clock, without having to book time, take time off from work, sit in telephone queues and waiting rooms. In this way, more patients receive care faster, while traditional care is relieved and free time and resources for those patients who really need physical doctor visits. In addition, it will be an economic solution as it is completely free of charge.

Why don’t I feel any sexual desire for my wife?

Q: We have been married for 8 years already and it was all fine until now. It’s not that my wife has lost her beauty or forms, but I just don’t want her. I worry so much because I can already see changes in our relations. I’m afraid that we can lose our family because of the lack of sex. Please, help me find the reason! Continue reading “Why don’t I feel any sexual desire for my wife?”

How to get rid of nightmares?

Q: It’s been months since I had a good night rest. About twice or even three times a week, I wake up in cold sweat and with a racing heartbeat because of the nightmare. The dreams sometimes repeat, but in most cases, they are different. I can’t stand such a torment any longer. Please help me to stop the nightmares. Continue reading “How to get rid of nightmares?”

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