How Can You Get Stronger Erections (without medication)?

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Bertie Weiner asked 1 year ago

Is there an effective product available without a prescription that includes a remedy for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation?

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Dr Kaufman Staff answered 1 year ago

Dear User, the official or generic phosphodiesterase inhibitors, as well as dapoxetine, the only pharmacological molecule recognized in the treatment of premature ejaculation, require a medical prescription that guarantees safety of the patient. Outside of this group of drugs, we are talking about food supplies, which are useful but not decisive. Avoid personal initiatives and follow the advice of the specialist.
What can be done, especially for mild erectile dysfunction, is to improve all those factors to corollary the problem: diabetes, depression, hypertension are widely related to this disorder. The presence of erectile dysfunction has been observed for many cases of male infarct events. It is therefore essential to prevent the latter by treating the other risk factors because erectile dysfunction can already be improved.
Some components have brought positive results in terms of sexual performance on humans such as Gingseng and L-arginine and have also brought some slight side effects. Some herbs well known for their aphrodisiac properties such as horny goat weed, on the other hand, do not have sufficient scientific studies that demonstrate efficacy, but have positive customer reviews. Such remedies are more supportive in their nature, improve the flow of blood in an insignificant way which however might be sufficient in case of mild ED.
If you suffer from hypertension or diabetes, you will most likely not have any beneficial effects from the supplement since the problem could be caused by the condition itself or by the medicine that is taken to treat it, even if in very low doses. In these cases it is highly recommended to speak with your doctor who will indicate suitable treatment.

Kevin Ponting answered 5 months ago

Vidalista 20 tablets are a medicine utilized as a treatment for erectile brokenness or ED. Vidalista is made by various Indian organizations. It is publicized to contain a similar dynamic fixing as Cialis, tadalafil. Vidalista isn’t lawful to be sold in the UK. Vidalista doesn’t pass similar quality controls as other UK medicine and isn’t destined to be protected or compelling. Vidalista can help numerous men who have erectile brokenness get and keep an erection when they become explicitly energized, It treats ED or erectile brokenness. Your PCP may likewise endorse this to you in the event that you have signs and manifestations of BPH.

kanerechard answered 5 months ago

Bluemen is well known for repairing and livening erotic issues in men. Furthermore, the medication does emphatically and tremendously impact the overall sexy body. Also, close by a solid way of life, Bluemen Sildenafil pills act to urge limit in guys to support and procure an erection. Moreover, the pills offer important incredible erection during sex. The prime part Sildenafil citrate. Buy it from SGP.

jerrycharlie answered 3 months ago

Cenforce 150 Sildenafil citrate falls under the gathering of PDE-5 blockers. It obstructs the debasement of cGMP by hindering the movement of PDE-5 chemicals. Upon sexy incitement, the freedom of NO (nitric oxide) happens which helps in the development of cGMP. An extra mass of cGMP develops in the corpus cavernosum in the male genital bringing about the unwinding and expansion of veins present in the male genital region.