How to cure ED

Worker Staff asked 2 years ago

I was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Is it a lifetime diagnosis or is full recovery possible?

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Dr Kaufman Staff answered 2 years ago

In varying degrees, erectile disorders affect more than 100 million men worldwide. From temporary debasement to definitive powerlessness, for every disorder – and for each of its causes, today there is a cure.
Depending on the cause, a patient can either fully recover from ED or have its symptoms alleviated and controlled by intake of oral drugs. Cialis (tadalafil) is the only oral drug with proven efficiency in reversing the condition and providing a full recovery when taken as a therapy course in the dose of 5mg. Other oral drugs like the legendary Viagra (sildenafil), its closest analog Levitra (vardenafil), stronger doses of Cialis and a novelty addition to the family of PDE5 inhibitors where all of the mentioned drugs belong, Spedra (avanafil) provide a temporary relief and are taken as needed. These drugs can only address ED where the condition is not caused by a problem with blood vessels.
The therapeutic use of hormones involves the use of testosterone only and only in cases where a real deficiency is demonstrated, in order to restore a correct balance.
In cases where erectile dysfunction is likely to be psychogenic, psychosexual intervention is indispensable in order to identify and remove the factors that caused it. There is no doubt as in the premise that psychosexual therapy is fundamental even in cases of organic or mixed dysfunction as it is able to reduce the state of anxiety and discomfort.
Intracavernous pharmacotherapy is invasive, as it involves the injection of vasoactive drug into the corpus cavernosum of the penis, resulting in an erection. The therapeutic pharmacological substances used are Prostglandine and Papaverine. Their use is indicated, in cases of failure of oral therapy or in re-education after radical prostatectoia surgery.
Surgical therapy is indicated only in patients in whom medical therapy has failed. Surgery involves inserting hydraulic prostheses into the corpora cavernosa.

stevejames012 answered 6 months ago

Hello, There are many ways to cure erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction is the most common issue in men nowadays. There many reasons to have an erection issue. Viagra and Cialis are the most used medications for treating erectile dysfunction in men. Viagra and Cialis are the brand versions of the medications. Cenforce 100 mg is the most utilized medication of the active component Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) and patients also used to buy Vidalista 20mg online which is containing active component Tadalafil (Cialis). Both medications will give you a 100% result to cure erectile dysfunction.

jone kane answered 6 months ago

Erection issues can happen to men at whatever stage in life. In any case, masculinity issues can turn out to be more normal as you become more seasoned. ED can be brought about by passionate or actual reasons or a blend of components. Actual reasons for ED will in general be more normal in more established men, intense subject matters are commonly the reason for ED in more youthful men Medicine Is Cenforce 200 And buy Cenforce 150. Various things can influence your sexual coexistence and cause ED. This can likewise incorporate, stress, gloom, and relationship issues.

kanerechard answered 5 months ago

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jerrycharlie answered 3 months ago

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