How To Get Stronger Erections? Age-Related Drop In Erectile Function

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Winford asked 10 months ago

good morning doctor i am 64 years old and have normal sex 1 or 2 times a week. now and for a certain period of time 3 or 4 times a month it happens to me that when I have sex the penis gets hard first but after a few minutes it reduces to 50 percent. Do Ihave to worry or take cialis to get stronger erections thank you

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Dr Kaufman Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi, the possibility of occasional erection deficits is normal, also considering your age. In his case, it would seem that in one incident our of about 4 you does not consider your erection satisfactory. Let me not again that it is quite normal that with advancing age the erection decreases and also that the erection does not have the same intensity for the duration of the relationship because the erection oscillates physiologically. Rather than relying on self-medication, it may be useful to ask a urologist / andrologist for a consultation, who will certainly be able to investigate these occasional erection losses and possibly suggest the most appropriate therapy.