Low Hanging Balls With Or Without Erection

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Ernest asked 8 months ago

Hello everyone,
I’m noticing a problem in my testicles, I’ve been observing it for a while now; my testicles are permanently lowered, except in the case of cold or rare cases, but the thing that upsets me is that during each erection they are always soft and very low, more than normal I would say.. usually they should rise in erection, but this does not happen EVER! I am waiting for answers, thanks in advance, best regards!

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Dr. Kaufman Staff answered 8 months ago

Dear User, the explicit clinical picture does not suspect the presence of pathological states. It is true that, in general, the scrotum contracts in some situations, erection, cold, stress, etc., but… it is not an exportable rule for all. If you are still concerned, ask your doctor to perform an andrological examination and a spermiogram. Regards!