Mildronate and beta blockers

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Edward Boren asked 8 months ago

You mention Mildronate and propranolol.  Does this aplly to metropolol as well? I have a weakened heart with stable angina,  and this looks like it fills all the gaps and addresses several weaknesses all at once. I take a minimal dose of metxl. And an equally minimal dose of diovan ( 25 mg xl, and 40 mg, respectively)  thank you!

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Dr Kaufman Staff answered 8 months ago

Hello, Edward! As a general guideline, Meldonium can be combined with drugs for angina pectoris, like Metoprolol. But I still maintain that the hypotensive action of this latter can trigger moderate tachycardia and a sudden drop in blood pressure when taken in combination with Meldonium. You should seek medical advise locally on how to work out an administration schedule in a way that minimizes the risks of adverse combinations.