When Does The Penis Stop Growing

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Jamie asked 10 months ago

Good morning doctor, I wanted to know at what age the male sexual organ stops growing. On the webI can only find discordant answers, it is not clear if at the age of 15 it has already ended, or if as some say it ends at the age of 21. fact that a person has already developed many characteristics of male development, excluding beard and perhaps bone and muscle growth, does that indicate think that penile development has already ended? (the person in question is 16 years old, he is my son, he has a normal penis…. I am asking out of curiosity, given that there are conflicting opinions). Thanks a lot.

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Dr Kaufman Staff answered 10 months ago

Dear user, things are not so simple, it depends on the subject in question and therefore on his pubertal development, if you would like to, you can have your son checked also from a preventive point of view and the specialist, having assessed the growth charts expressed in percentiles, will give their grounded opinion.